Ticket Selling

Our Ticket Selling Service helps to sell event tickets on your site and deliver them to your buyers digitally. Create as many ticket types as you need and set a price and quantity for each and your participants can get straight into your auction page with a single click and confirm.

What is Ticket Selling?

Event ticketing is a better way to promote and sell tickets to your next fundraising event online.

You can always sell tickets in a traditional manner, however, selling tickets online makes it so much easier to reach more people. Plus, it is a whole lot more convenient for your participants to order their event tickets online than it is to order by phone, by mail or go in person to buy tickets.

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Tell us a bit about yourself (name, email–the usual) and let us know the kind of ticket services you need and how you will get paid.

Create A Beautiful Web Event Page

All you need is to get online and a few minutes. Enter your event information, choose a theme and a great-looking picture, and your event and ticket selling is ready to go live.


Once registration begins, stay organized with our event management tools. Get real time and scheduled sales reports, attendee lists, buyer data, and other add-on services