Raise Your Paddles

Raise Your Paddles is an effective way to raise donations at a charity fundraising event. The paddle is typically a bid number and it is raised by event attendees to give a cash donation to the nonprofit organization.

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Our Raise Your Paddles service Fundraising bid is the perfect platform to host an event. A paddle raise doesn’t include prizes at all. It asks donors to “raise your paddle” to give a specific amount of donation to support your non-profit organisation.


Once we have spoken to you about your fundraising goals, one of our Fundraising Consultants will help you decide which service is best suited for you to maximise the amount you can raise.

Auction Set Up

If you decide that Raise Your Paddles service is the best suited, paddle raises commonly request donations on a scale of varying dollar amounts to give donors of varying financial means donation levels within their reach.

Payment Collection

Once the event finishes, winning bidders will receive a winning e-mail notification. Payment can be made through the Raise Your Paddles Software and can use their phones before the end of the event.


Only after all payment has been collected for your service we will send you an invoice for the auction site build. We have kept the costs as minimal as possible, there is only a minimal set up fee of $195 and then 3% of the total monies raised.

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