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What Makes an Auction the Best Way to Raise Funds for Charity

Organizing an event is always a very time-consuming experience. Organizing a fundraising event takes a team to share all the fundraising ideas and can provide a lot more funds for your charity if it is successful. Not all events are successful when you compare the time taken to put the event together and the profits made. If you find fundraising activities too time consuming it is best to delegate some of the activities, such as planning an auction.

These are the steps in the planning process:

Auctions are Social Gatherings.

Some auctions are being made possible online via auction software, these are great for those with a good social media following, but a public event is a great chance to inform the public of your mission and vision. It earns you publicity which helps spread public awareness of the event and gets your message of advocacy through.

Auctions get you contacts.

Bidders will write their contact details down. Not only does this ensure that follow-ups can be made for bidders who won and those that just had a bid on the item. You learn from each event which of your supporters and sponsors participate and understand more about what they like for your future events and projects.

Auctions are organized. Every step can be reviewed before and after the big event, increasing your control over the results. Items to be auctioned can be filtered to make sure they are appropriate to your audience, event, and organization. Auctioneers can be coached before the bidding so they would have a good grasp of what they should do and what you want to happen. Payments and delivery can still be monitored closely even after the event.

Auctions involve items that could be taken home. Those who participate in the bidding and win at least one item will get the sense of having something out of their own hard-earned money. They will have something concrete to take away and maybe even display at home. That item will remind them of the event you organized and how they helped. If they win a trip or experience the memories of the trip will also remind them of your non-profit which they will share with their friends.

All these steps take time and we can manage all of them for you. We can arrive at your event with all the prizes selected by working with you in the build up to the event, manage the auction at the event and work with the winning bidders to deliver all their prizes after the event. This allows you to focus on the rest of the event.

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