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2019 Fundraising: 6 Trends Your Non-Profit Organization Needs to Know

In the past decade or so, we’ve seen the trends in fundraising progressing swiftly. While most changes were subject to technology advancement and the advent of the internet, others were related to changes in culture and society.

The non-profit organizations are evolving and growing at a baffling speed. The frequency and speed at which these shifts are happening have made it difficult for non-profit organizations to keep an ahead.

It’s already been four months into 2019. Have you aligned your fundraising plans with the new trends? If not, don’t worry! It’s never too late to develop your strategies for collecting donations for your non-profit organization. Here are the top 2019 fundraising trends that you should follow.

1. Focus on the Millennials

Millennials have been the talk of the town for years. Since they make up the largest part of the workforce, it is crucial for non-profit organizations to take them into account while devising their fundraising strategy in 2019.

The good news is that the Gen-Z is enthusiastic and is willing to donate for causes that support youth, animals, or humanity in general. But remember, they’re always looking to filter information and block marketing noise to achieve something worthwhile. So, consider being concise and try to provide them with an attention-grabbing and engaging experience.

Furthermore, millennials love spending time on their mobile phones. So, make sure that your website as well as the donation page is optimized for mobiles. Also, they love visuals – photos, videos, infographics, use these to share compelling stories and make valuable data digestible for them.

2. Think Hyper-personalization

Long gone are the days when generalization used to be a great approach. Today, donors want a more personalized and custom-made approach. While business giants, such as Amazon and Netflix are already offering exceptionally personalized experiences to their users, 2019 calls for non-profit organizations to do the same.

Personalization is now the key to building long-term donor relationships. Therefore, consider fine-tuning your messages on the donation page. Your wording and concepts should resonate with your donors. Make sure that you approach your donors only after you’ve done your research. You wouldn’t want to make a donation request worth $50 to a prospective donor who may easily pay thousands now, would you?

Furthermore, collect and review demographic and generational data before you craft your messages for a diverse donor base.

3. The Email Trend is On!

It may sound very old-fashioned but you won’t believe that the ROI of email is approximately four times higher than any other marketing format.

Of course, emails don’t have to be designed exactly the way they used to be in the past. In 2019, emails are all about visuals! Unlike the apparent trend, people are stepping away from social media – which means, email is not dead yet! Email is not only easy to control but is also non-distracting compared to social media. Thus, it’s the perfect cost-effective option to target people who’re on a break from social media.

Before you jump on the bandwagon, make sure you’ve segmented your audience on the basis of demographics, interests, donation status, and desired communication frequency. Have a clear goal in mind and come up with a compelling call-to-action and subject line. Although it’s great to include visuals in your emails, you wouldn’t want to go overboard with it. Remember that simplicity is the key.

Pro tip: Use the storytelling technique to attract the audience and keep them engaged.

4. The Rising Popularity of Corporate Sponsorship Support

Businesses often are willing to donate to non-profit organizations for supporting and promoting their mission. Partnering with a business organization won’t only expand your reach to a wide audience base but will also help you raise funds quickly.

Just make sure that you understand your donor base first and know how they would respond to the news of a corporate partnership. Look for companies whose values align with yours and start sending out proposals!
Many companies now offer a donation matching program as a benefit for their employees, under which they may be requested to donate to the same non-profit organization where their employee has contributed.

Furthermore, please note that donations aren’t always monetary. Many businesses encourage their employees to volunteer both inside and outside of work.

5. The Age of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence may come in handy for collecting donations for non-profit organizations. It may help them collect more data and use it in a more effective way. AI seems to be improving the programs and services of non-profits big time. If you aren’t sure how to make the most of it, start exploring now!
For one, you should consider creating a chatbot to take control of your messaging apps. A bot can not only tell the audience about your services and programs but can also handle member registrations and donations. Again, make sure all your messages and content are highly personalized and are thrown at the right time.

In addition to this, AI is very helpful for the smart use of data. Stay on top of potential donors’ donation history, event attendance, relationships, and affiliations and become a data expert! Through our consulting strategies we offer from FundC3 we can help develop your online strategies in these areas.

6. The Importance of Impact Transparency

Modern-day donors are interested in knowing where their money is going and what major or minor impact they’re making with their contribution. They want to be personally involved in the cause they’re supporting.

Impact transparency matters and this is why you should have an ‘Impact’ page on your website where the audience may clearly see the social impact being made. To take it a step further, you should consider inviting the donors to your program location. If that’s not possible, live streaming will serve as an effective tool to boost the transparency of your non-profit organization. Furthermore, to demonstrate how you’re using donations, you should consider using infographics. Through data visualization, you’ll be able to present even the most complex ideas in a clear, non-confusing way.

If you’re looking forward to collecting donations for your non-profit organization, take a step back and absorb the aforementioned 2019 fundraising trends. Fundraising Auctions is a platform aimed at helping non-profit organizations to raise funds for all kinds of causes through their auction services. Get in touch with is for a sure-fire fundraising solution.

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