Donation & Enhanced Prizes

A great way to raise more funds at your next charity auction event is to include consignment items in your live or silent auction. You can raise more money without any risk because consignment items that don’t sell have no risk or obligation to pay.


How does it work?

If the things you bought but never used or you used but no longer need are taking up too much room in your house, you can pass them on by donating them.

When you donate your items, we generally takes everything you bring and our team will the sort items and discard the ones that can’t be sold.


Once you’ve told us all about your event and decided that Donation is best suited to your event, we will prepare everything you need to run your auction. This will be ready and sent to you the week of your event!

The Day of the Event

On the day of your event simply follow our instructions, run the auction and collect winning bidders details. Don’t worry, we will be on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have in the build up and after your event!

Choose Your Prize

The enhanced prizes enables you to partner with us and can choose unique items, trip packages or Experiences. These method offers you at no risk because you only pay for what actually sells.

Travel Package

The winner of this item is able to get away from their day to day life to enjoy some traveling, an adventure, or a novel experience away from home.

We offer both local and nationwide experiences that worth every mile!

Signed Memorabilia

Signed Memorabilia is for authentic entertainment memorabilia and Hollywood collectibles. Whether you’re a serious celebrity autographs collector or a die-hard fan, this is the best prize!

Your Own Personal Chef!

Say goodbye to cooking and enjoy your own personal chef for a day!

We will provide an introduction to a service provider who can help Winner find a chef that fits their needs.

More Prizes!

We accept all donated items and then provide loads of opportunities to customize and create unique fundraising events and prizes for you. Just let us know exactly what you need!

Funds Transfer

Once all payment has been collected we will transfer the total funds raised (after the reserve prices have been subtracted from the total amount raised) to your chosen bank account.

Contact Us

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